Summer is a season of cool ideas for warm nights and hot days. You want to be able to enjoy the heat when you want to and have the opportunity to chill out, when you need to. Your furniture should reflect those principles to allow you to take advantage of our great Australian summers. I think of beach houses and lazy days by the water with family. Reading books on beach towels spread out under the sun. Kids splashing about in the water. Retreating inside when the heat of the day reaches it apogee.

Summer Furniture Ideas in 2018

You want to ensure that your summer furniture ideas in 2018, are in place by the time you come to putting your feet up inside your domestic abode. Sydney is one of the truly great places to enjoy an Australian summer. The beaches with golden sands on its northern shores are idyllic for family frolicking amid salt water swims and sunbathing. Upon arrival, back in the family home or beach shack, you want to have light and airy furniture to reflect your cool intentions. Relaxed casual dining areas with tables and chairs to match. Block tables in Pine and Tasmanian Oak combine the coolness of wood with an understated elegance suited to any occasion.

Lounge areas love timber in summer, because it speaks a cool language to inhabitants seeking refuge from the heat. Coffee tables in pine and oak can unlock some Zen style magic in your living room. A touch of class in the right places speaks volumes, with handmade furniture setting the tone for cool relaxation. In the digital age, the entertainment unit has taken on an enlarged role in most family homes. Combining age-old beautiful timber housing state of the art technology, shields your home from the crassness of too much modern. Discover the elegance of depth, with Asian inspired timber units.

The bedrooms become very important in the summer months. Transitioning from our waking hours to sleep can be challenging on those hot nights and cool furniture can make a difference. Looking around you, whilst horizontal and awaiting the sandman, it is soothing to see clean lines and Zen bedroom furniture. Every self-respecting pirate had a chest, and today’s natural timber storage boxes have that aura. Set sea on an ocean of summer snooze with cool furniture ideas in wood in 2018. Are you prepared for summer this season at home?