The hits and happy times are coalescing around intranet solutions this summer, with Microsoft’s SharePoint continuing to evolve into something amazing. This web based collaborative platform is taking communication between stake holders within organisations to a whole new level. It is much more than a document management and storage system today, it is, quite simply, making business a whole lot easier and flexible in the twenty first century. SharePoint is the most configurable and adaptable product on the market today. It becomes unique in its uses for every organisation that utilises it; and solves problems in an amazing variety of ways.

Sensational Software Solutions Starring this Summer

SharePoint , as of 2017, has 190 million users across, some, 200 hundred thousand organisations. If you are not using SharePoint, you have to ask yourself, am I missing out on something very special? Intranet and social network solutions revolve around this portal, which centralises all access to an organisation’s information and applications. Share securely essential information and control engagement and process management to the advantage of your group. Speed up and gain efficiencies with staffing, especially on-boarding new staff. Intranet advances are changing the way we do business in 2017 and beyond.

Enterprise and document management remains the core business, but SharePoint has spread its wings in many new directions this summer. Its integrative abilities, with all of Microsoft’s’ Windows and Office products, makes it the bee’s knees, when it comes to collaborative real-time editing and encrypted information management. Collaboration is the name of the game, when it comes to SharePoint’s sensational software solutions starring this summer. Catch the biggest wave of the season this year and enjoy your own cloud and lots of new applications.

The most exciting single thing about SharePoint is that it never stops evolving for a second. Once you have joined the party, your summer will never end, and success seems only natural after that. Application programming interfaces continue to open the universe up to your organisation. This is your interface with every new development that Microsoft are working on and will work on in the future. Never miss the bus again in the digital age; and keep your cutting-edge sharp, so that you can compete for business now and into the future. Farms, Web Applications, Site Collections and Service Applications all brought in-house under the SharePoint banner. If you have not properly explored a sensational software solution this summer, make it SharePoint.